Duncan McDonell | San Francisco, CA

Duncan photo 1Growing up in an apartment building with many seniors, it was only natural that my friends were older adults. I was also extremely close with my grandfather, who passed away.

So you can see what drives my passion for making seniors’ lives better.

I was 14, when I started working at San Francisco’s Institute on Aging, though I had previous experience with intergenerational work.

Now, I’m 16 and I teach art to IOA’s seniors, with the goal of making them happy and able to express themselves regardless of their physical or mental condition.

This project has impacted my life in such a positive way.

For starters, I learn so much from the seniors. They have so much wisdom and life stories to share, which often appear in their art, sprouting interesting discussions about culture, heritage, and passions.

Duncan's tipThrough sensitivity training, I help other youth better understand and appreciate seniors.

I’m also happy to report that, from what I’ve experienced, all the older adults enjoyed the class and created some beautiful works of art and I was able to bring happiness to a large and diverse group of seniors.

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