Grace Chen | Rockville, MD

Grace ChenOn a bimonthly basis, a team of students, ranging from elementary to high school, visit the Ring House, working with residents specifically on all areas of technology.

I began this project when I was 14 years old after being an inspired by my interaction with my own grandmother and extended family, as well as stories I heard from friends who had experience with intergenerational work.

Beyond computers, iPads and cellphones, my team and I we seek to interact with the older adults at Ring House, while also engaging in activities such as gardening, music and art, hand crafts and painting, cultural exchange, and most importantly, simple dialogue.

Grace's tipsThe commitment of the volunteers plays a crucial role in our success; once students join the project, they dedicate themselves to it, creating a stronger bond between the residents, volunteers, and project overall.

As students, this project has truly expanded our limited perspectives; I’ve learned to interact with every type of person regardless of age, a factor that severely isolates and disaggregates different generations.

As a community, we’ve become a more cohesive body, learning to bridge gaps between us using technology and conversation.

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