Hanni Hanson | Oakland, CA

HanniI work with Generation Waking Up, a nonprofit in Oakland that does empowerment and leadership development work with young changemakers, from 16- to 30-year-olds. (I’m 23!)

While our focus is on youth, we recognize that it will take diverse communities to help build the world we want to build. We wanted to help bring together people of all ages to help do so.

We held two community events in Oakland—“Wiser Together: Collaborating Across Generations” and “Wiser Together: Harvesting Wisdom”—that aimed to bring together people of all ages to have meaningful conversations in service to a better world.

Hanni tipWe got a lot of support from the surrounding community.

The first event was much larger, and we relied on volunteers for everything from the evening’s entertainment and facilitation to setup and cleanup.

The second event was smaller, but also relied heavily on community members to run.

hanni hanson 2

Click photo to enlarge.

Both events definitely sparked some interesting and important dialogue around what it means to be in community with one another, what strengths and unique gifts different generations can bring, and how to harness those gifts to build more resilient communities.

I’m not aware of specific action projects that have grown out of either event, but the chance to build relationships with people of various ages was inherently really valuable.

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