Sean Butler | Carmel, CA

Sean Butler teaching ipadI was in the first grade when I found out I have dyslexia.

Older adults helped me learn to read throughout elementary school. They were patient with me while I misread the same words over and over.

Now, I’m 15.

My mom recently told me about an older lady she met at work. She was overwhelmed and frustrated to the point of tears about trying to use her iPad.

That’s when I thought I can now help older adults the way they once helped me. I can teach them to use technology.

That’s why I started Wired for Connections/Mentor Up, a technology-based community service high school club.

Sean's tipsWhen I first talked to my school about mentoring older adults at our local senior center, I was surprised to find out that my high school and the senior center never partnered together on anything.

More than 60 percent of Carmel’s population is people over 55.

Through my high school club, students provide one-on-one technology mentoring sessions with older adults at our local senior center.

Sean Butler 3This project’s success is a result of us using t-shirts, club events and weekly club meetings to actively promote our club at school. We also worked really hard, making sure students were set up to be successful mentors by providing them sensitivity and etiquette training before they started mentoring.

For the first time, young adults and older adults in my community enjoy learning from each other.

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